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3rd Annual 2009 North Alabama Domino Tournament
The 3rd Annual 2009 North Alabama Domino Tournament, hosted by the Caribbean Association of North Alabama (CANA) will take place at CASA MONTEGO, with groovy Caribbean sounds and delicious Caribbean cuisine, attracting some 200 participants.
For two consecutive years Huntsville has brought home the coveted title. Team members, Maxson Myler and Mclean Philadelphia, captured first place at the last championship.
“People from throughout the South are attracted to our tournament not only because of the competition and coveted title, but because they know this is a charity event,” said one CANA member. For over five years the association has been instrumental in promoting Caribbean culture, promoting local businesses, and issuing scholarship to and supporting students.
This year’s events is on, Saturday, June 27 with special Caribbean foods served to participants. Some participants come for as much for the delicious Caribbean meal as they do for the chance to win the coveted cup.
Participants are urged to register early. For further information and entry forms, contact the CANA by calling 256-520-0483 / 714-0155 / 429-8145 or visit www.canaonline.com
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